Senator Solomon Adeola (APC, Lagos West) has called on fellow politicians across board not to take the electorate for granted by shunning direct contact with them particularly at this electioneering period.

Senator Adeola who was responding to media interest on his vigorous campaign in face of lukewarm attitude of most politicians during his campaign tour of Ojo LGA said that any politician seeking the votes of the people should be able to physically present his person and his programs for the people directly.

“I will not and have never taken my constituents for granted in all my public life as a representatives of my people. At every electoral campaign I ensures I go round my constituency and while in government I report back directly to the people through town hall meetings and private personal contact to as many constituents as possible” he stated.

The senator who took a tour round major streets of Ojo LGA distributing campaign materials of all kinds later met with stakeholders comprising Community Development Association, CAN Market Women Associations, Artisan Group, Youth Bodies, League of Imams and all Ethnic Groups to urged the people to vote for APC candidates in the coming election.

Senator Adeola appealed to the Igbo communities resident in Lagos State to vote for APC as the government of the state has treated everyone fairly stressing that it is their party that appointed an Igboman, Mr. Ben Akabueze as commissioner and later ‘promoted’ him to the Director of Budget Office at the Federal Level.

“We seek your votes for President Mohammad Buhari, Mr. Babajide Sanwo Olu as Governor as well as other candidates of APC. The APC government of three and half years cannot be compared to PDP 16 year rule” he stated.

Senator Adeola said the APC administration of Buhari has delivered on major infrastructural projects abandoned by PDP adding that the people should ask what PDP administration did with the huge funds that accrued to the nation in their 16 years rule before consider ever voting for them again.

Three APC candidates namely Hon. Yinka Durosimi, Ojo Federal Constituency, Hon. Victor Akande, Ojo State Constituency 1, Hon.Surajudeen Tijani, Ojo State Constituency 2 were part of the campaign tour.

  • afolabi tunde
    Posted at 13:23h, 25 January Reply

    You are right on point…..only a Senator that is popular with his or her consistuency will make huge statements as dis..keep d gud Senator from Lagos West.

  • oye
    Posted at 12:49h, 29 January Reply

    The monday meeting at FIIRO was not pleasing for the following
    reasons :
    1)Security breaches :metal detectors should have been used at the
    2)Venue was not ok. OdiOlowo/ojuwoye lcda hall or a school by
    olosan police
    station should have been used for Security reasons
    3)voters were treated b4,during & after the meeting with reckless
    as ‘african’ time was used, no water served.
    For the Security risk, losses to area boys, gun shooting, transport &
    FOOD, ur guest/CDA executive was giving five hundred naira.
    4)the Q&A session was not pleasing. The problem started as some
    were bent on coming towarda the front…

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