-Commend Lagos PDP Chairman for Joining APC

Senator Solomon Adeola (APC, Lagos West) and Chairman Senate Committee on Local Content has decried the frenzied desperation of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP to regain power in the run up to the 2019 General Election after a disastrous 16 years rule that led Nigeria to a trying time in the last three years.

In his reaction to recent political developments in a personally signed statement, Senator Adeola stated that in spite of the desperation for PDP for power Nigerians in their millions will vote for President Mohammad Buhari and APC stressing that it is gratifying that key personalities in PDP are seeing the good work of the President and APC led-Government and are crossing over to APC.

“ Let me personally commend a frontline politician in Lagos State in the person of Moshood Salvador, the erstwhile Chairman of PDP in Lagos State for his bold decision to abandon PDP and join the progressives in APC. There are many like him who wants to leave the ‘Egypt’ of PDP for  “ The Promised Land” of APC not only in Lagos State but across the nation. It is a good omen for those making the moves and Nigeria as it portrays them as patriots who believes in the good of the nation as being pursued by President Buhari APC-led government above selfish personal interest” the statement reads.

Senator Adeola said that there is a need to put the recent defections of some legislators and politicians in proper perspective and not make a comparison with similar defections preceding the 2015 General elections that brought APC to power adding that for now only politicians wishing to continue to leave ‘Egypt’ for “The Promised Land” with the interest of the nation at heart will attain political power in Nigeria.

“Let me say that there is a qualitative if not quantitative difference between the defections preceding the 2015 General election and what has happened in recent times. Pre- 2015, defections was informed by the need to form a coalition to salvage the Nigeria from imminent collapse that would have made the Venezuala’s current experience a child’s play in Nigeria. But what we have now is mostly defections by politicians based on personal interests of individuals with ambitions to rule the nation at all cost in their lifetimes or such other interest as relating with local politics of their states and pursuit of political sinecure positions” the senator stated.

He condemned those lashing on to the flippant story in a foreign medium alleging that President Donald Trump of USA referred to President Buhari as ‘lifeless’ to once again generate controversy in their desperate bid to acquire power stressing that only those without any cogent issues to riles against President Buhari would place any credence to the story that should more or less be situated in the precinct of fake news”.

“Ordinarily this kind of unsubstantiated news should not be coming out at this time, months after the successful landmark meeting between Trump and Buhari. The meeting with many positives for President Buhari and Nigeria that went viral even on social media could not have elicited the alleged statement from a usually garrulous Trump that is noted for jumping onto the social media to say his controversial mind even against his own people. My take is that this story is a planted propaganda from those desperate to take over power from Buhari. No wonder they are voraciously lapping it up” the senator stated.

Senator Adeola said that in any case Nigeria prefer a sprightly reserved President with integrity to roguish leaders desperate for power  or a garrulous president facing impeachment threat from conviction and confessions of aides and associates for sundry malfeasance

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